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The Many Uses for Quake Secure® and Amazing Stuff ®

  • Campers use it in their RV's to keep lamps, table items and miscellaneous items from moving.  It eliminates the continual task of putting things away in drawers whenever you are on the move.  Campers use it to keep pictures straight on walls forever, and to silence annoying noises and rattles caused by loose equipment or fixtures.  One of our loyal Quake Secure users has this to say:  "Quake Secure is a great product! I've been using it around the house for years to keep pictures straight, to keep fine china & crystal in place, & to hang up holiday decorations. Since I have been full-time RVing, I use it even more. It holds down a lamp, our computer, a clock, kitchen appliances, souvenirs, & framed photos. We've even used it for minor repairs & to stop some rattles.   It's not affected by heat or cold, secured items never move or come loose, and it's reusable. I wouldn't travel without it.”  -  Don & Linda Alexander  - Livingston Texas 


  • Schoolteachers use Amazing Stuff to decorate their classroom bulletin boards.  The putty is a much cleaner and safer substitute for tapes, pushpins, tacks and staples.  Tape can leave unsightly marks on walls and other surfaces.  Pushpins, tacks and staples also damage walls and make holes that will eventually require repair.  They can also be dangerous for small children if they fall from bulletin boards.  Amazing Stuff putty is a much safer method of sticking up posters and pictures, and it will not leave marks on your walls.  "As a teacher, I use Amazing Stuff in the classroom to hang my students work on bulletin boards.  It has really simplified the whole process!  I love it because it's so easy to move things around and it's eliminates removing staples or pushpins.  You just lift the work off and stick it back down exactly where you need it.  It works on so many surfaces too!   I use it on whiteboards, closet doors and even the front of my desk.  On top of my desk, I use it to stick down my name plate, pencil holder and even my flower vase that was constantly being knocked over.  The great thing about Amazing Stuff is that it's reusable!  I have been using it for years and I couldn't imagine doing my job without it.  I have shared it with all the teachers on my grade level and they love it too!  Thanks you so much for your indispensable product".  -  Dorothy McCallum -  Westlake Village, CA   
  • Schools also use the putty to secure heavy trophy's dangerously perched on top of trophy cases.
  • Teenagers put up posters and pictures in their rooms because putty is a cleaner and safer substitute for tapes, pushpins, tacks and staples. Pushpins, tacks and staples can be dangerous if you step on them in your stocking feet.  Quake Secure will not leave unsightly marks on your nicely painted walls, it’s re-useable, and it doesn’t hurt when you step on it.
  • Homeowners, (especially those in earthquake prone areas), use the putty to hold down their valuable collectible items, such as crystal, ceramic items, figurines, antiques and other knick-knacks.  They use it to secure objects in crystal & china cabinets, on fireplace mantels, shelves, coffee tables and end tables. You can also use it to keep pictures straight on your walls forever.  I wanted to let you know that my AMAZING STUFF that you sent IS AWESOME!  I have it stuck all over my new place.  I have it behind pics, and holding a loose piece of the refrigerator together, and I have some figurines that I did not want to move, calendars held up on the wall, and utensil tray in the drawers stuck down so they do not slide around.  As you can tell,  I am enjoying it. Thanks for sending it!    Carol Reed - Salina, Kansas
  • Many homeowners and businesses use putty instead of tape to hang up party decorations and streamers because it is easy to use and will not leave ugly tape marks on walls, furniture or ceiling fixtures.  "I just have to tell you that the Quake Secure I purchased from you was WONDERFUL for my needs.  You may remember that I spoke with you regarding your product and whether or not it might work for the short-term picture hanging needs of my client on painted walls.  Well, it sure did - and it came off of the pictures (including the foam core board) and the wall EASILY with no damage to either.  A project that took almost two hours up and another two hours down was accomplished in a total time of about one hour!  I bought 4 packages and have 2 left.  I will most likely order another batch next year to keep up my supply.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!  A very happy customer".  - Marylynn Francis -  Boerne, Texas
  • Professional Organizers use our putty when organizing clients homes and businesses.      "As a certified Professional Organizer, I find great joy in finding tools and products that will make my clients lives easier.  One of my company's favorite products is Quake Secure.  It is a staple in our organizer's bags and we find uses for it in almost every clients home or office.  We love how well it works to keep framed pictures and artwork straight on walls.  And when we organize relocations, we use it to hold down shelf paper in the drawers and cabinets; it's simple to tack down the corners of the paper.  If the paper ever needs to be removed for cleaning, Quake Secure comes off easily and sticks back on just as easily.  One of our clients was frustrated that his display of vitamins always looked messy.  We re-set everything using Quake Secure and he loves it.  The display looks professional now and his cleaning crew can even dust around it and nothing falls off!  I highly recommend Quake Secure for every home and office".     Tracy Axcell, CPO - Certified Professional Organizer,   
  • Model train enthusiasts use it to stick down the miniature items around the train tracks, such as trees, plants, and people.
  • Photographers use it to hold props and products in perfect position during a photo shoot.
  • Storeowners use the putty to keep display objects in place in window displays and on counters.
  • Antique and crystal shops use it to protect valuable inventory.
  • Use Quake Secure to remove lint from clothing.
  • Use Quake secure in place of a secretary stand.  Just stick your papers right onto the side or bottom of your monitor and your typing work is right in front of you.  
  • Many restaurants have decorative objects sitting on shelves above their customer’s tables.  The putty is used to secure these items firmly to the shelf and protect themselves from customer injuries and lawsuits.
  • Keep your garage opener remote stuck to the inside of your car console for easy access.
  • Stick up your shower mirror (install it when tile is dry).
  • Use it to secure household knick-knacks to keep pets from knocking them over & breaking them.
  • Try Quake Secure in your shoes to keep your shoe lifts stuck tight in your shoes.
  • Sailboat owners use it to keep their pictures straight on their cabin walls.
  • Stained glass artists use it to keep frames positioned.
  • Use putty instead of tape when doing crafts.   Arrange and re-arrange articles on poster boards quickly and easily.
  • Secure heavy computers, monitors, fax machines and other office equipment to keep them from moving.
  • Use it to pick up things that get dropped behind washers and dryers.   Put a small glob of putty on the end of a yardstick, then reach over the appliance and pick up the loose item by stabbing it with the putty end of the stick.
  • Send us an email about how you use the putty and we'll see about adding it to our site.

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