Quake Secure is an incredible putty that holds objects down  tightly (like collectibles) or sticks things up (like pictures). You can use it to keep things in place so they won’t fall and break during an earthquake. You can also use it to hold up pictures, posters and signs instead of using pushpins, tacks or tape. Quake Secure is non-toxic, clean and safe for children’s use. It lasts 10 years and it is reusable. It does not remove paint, is safe for fine finishes and it is easily removed when needed. Our super stick formula is very pliable and it holds it’s sticky properties for a long time. It is an essential aid for Teachers, Collectors, RV Owners, Homeowners, Business Owners and Photographers.

It’s an EARTHQUAKE Putty!
Quake Secure Holds Objects Down Tightly! Try it on your china, collectibles, or those objects on the shelf above your head. It also works great on heavier items, such as trophies, pictures, lamps, calculators, phones, computers, monitors and typewriters. Quake Secure will help keep it in place – so you won’t get hit by falling objects in an earthquake. It will protect those valuable collectibles and knickknacks from everyday accidents and mishaps. Use it in conjunction with traditional picture hangers to help keep pictures tight against the wall. Imagine never having to straighten another picture again.